Multiple Choices When It Comes To Parts. Suzuki Vitara.


Never an easy job…

There is a rule when it comes to getting parts. There will be multiple choices and whatever part you choose will be wrong. Since the advent of smartphones, the sensible person always takes a picture when they have a component apart. Which is great unless you have never done it before.


Yesterday was one of those days… Having checked the MOT certificate for recommendations, it mentioned that the front brake pads were low. So I checked them, and not a moment too soon.  So that means a trip to my local motor factors. Even in Cornwall, there is always a choice. I’ve been going to one for many years, they supply the trade mostly but still have a little counter. It is like a club, not exclusive, just one with its own rules. They also look after their local clients, so always my first port of call.


Brake pads, yes they will be here tomorrow, old stock £10… well, £12 with the dreaded VAT… Great but they were the wrong ones. My friend behind the counter mentioned that my Vitara was a Spanish one, hence the other blog post. Of course, the pads were the wrong ones, a return trip to the counter. The replacements will be here at 3 pm, two pairs ordered just to make sure. As promised they arrived and off I went to change them.


After the problems getting them the nice surprise was how simple it was to replace them. Having a chassis at the least jacking up the Vitara was easy. As I was working under the car an axle stand was used. With a normal car, I would also suggest placing the wheel under it as well, just not much point with a 4×4.


The large wheels are remarkably light for their size, so no problem to remove or mount. There was a nice surprise with the general condition of the calipers with the rubbers all sound and the pistons sliding smoothly. Also the owner before the last one I think liked Copper slip, as some bolts already had a smear on. A very good and sadly rare sign. After the struggle of getting the pads at least fitting was easy. I remembered to loosen the brake reservoir cap a little and even tighten it up when I was finished. The only real problem was squeezing the new pads in, simply because of the amount material. With a little smear of Copper slip for good measure, reassembly was easy. Of course making sure the pads location springs fitted properly as I did.


The large wheels fitted easily back on and the job was completed. When I tightened up the brake reservoir I checked the VIN plate. Yes, there was the name, Santana, confirming that Tugg has a Spanish heart.


Another job ticked off the list as slowly the Vitara receives a complete service.

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