Naming a car?

Why is it that some cars get names and others do not? I’ve own lots of cars and bikes and most have never earnt a nickname. Even some of my favourites never got christened beyond a shortened version their model or make. For instance, when I had a Jaguar XK40 2.9 it was simply known as The Jag… with my best Jeremy Clarkson voice in my head of course.

My latest vehicle earnt a name in a few days. With a registration number, T324UUG my first thought was to call her Uug. On second thoughts with a tow bar at each end, the only name she could have was Tugg.  My last VW Golf was called Erica, now the story how she got her name is strange but not for this blog. Oddly like boats all my cars have had female names. Perhaps that is something to do with my relationship with them, a closeness that becomes truly intimate on a regular basis.

Some will argue that cars are just inanimate lumps of plastic, rubber, and steel. Of course, we know otherwise. The ones we fall for are much more, they transcend boundaries that allow them to worm themselves into our hearts.


Below is a list of some the cars I’ve owned that got christened.



Triumph Dolomite 1500- Dolly

Triumph Spitfire 1500-  Spitty.

VW Golf MK3 Convertible- Erica

VW T25 Holdsworth Vision- Holly. My mother used to call her “Old Girl” for me to call her this would be disrespectful, hence Holly.

Ford Capri MK3 1.6/2.0- Evil Bob.

Suzuki Vitara- Tugg.

Another Dolomite 1500- Dolly Mixture

Talbot Samba-Tappet.. Because it sounded like it did not have any left.


Not all the names make sense, but then why should they?

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