Petrol Filter Change On a Suzuki Vitara (Tugg)


A filtered change?

Finally, after almost a month I’ve changed the fuel filter…  An easy job, but not having a workshop a real pain. As funds allow the Vitara is slowly getting a complete service. The parts I expect to come to around £150. Some things seem to make very little difference, yet I know in the long run will pay dividends.


The fuel filter is one of the cheapest components to change, yet has had a major difference to the driving experience. When I first bought the Vitara (Tugg,) she ran so badly it was frankly almost dangerous to drive her.  The filter is fairly accessible but I would still need wheel ramps to make it that bit more accessible. Oddly it was the easiest reverse up ramps I’ve ever had, in low range, the Vitara simply inched her way up.

Needless to say, but a rusty bolt led to almost a bugger moment. Normally a little heat can be applied, but not near fuel lines. The bolt loosened as I held my breath and carefully turned it half a turn one way and then quarter back the other.  Having loosened it off, I then bolted it back in and undid the fuel lines. No matter how carefully I did this, yes I did get an ear full of fuel.  With disintegrating latex gloves and making sure that the direction of the filter was right. Of course, the shape of the replacement was different to the original. In the process setting off my dyslexia paranoia. So after a double check, I fitted it and crossed my fingers. Checked the fuel lines and even remembered to use fresh washers.


As Tugg was up on the ramps I had a little inspection. Some brake lines might need changing for the MOT. But it confirmed the generally good condition that I first attracted me to the Vitara.

The road test was a revelation. Tugg drove so much better, not perfect but a real difference. Each little improvement brings an increase in my understanding and appreciation of the little 4×4.


After a shower and shave my partner commented on my new aftershave. Apparently being a petrol head is ok, smelling like petrol is not.

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